This is a documentary about a wedding in Florence.

In 2017 two of my best friends from Greece (Helena & George) decided to get married in Florence. In June 2017 about 20 us boarded a flight to Rome and drove to Florence later to be joined by another 20 people from the rest of Europe for that same wedding. Good times.

Filmed & Edited by Constantin Pilavios
Color Grading by Dimitris Karteris

Thanks to
Sergio Ko
Dimitris Katranidis
Konstantinos Bolas

Music (no copyright infringement intended):
Nico Fidenco - A Casa d’Irene
Giorgio Moroder - Chase
Gadjo Dilo - Pou ‘sai Thanassi (feat. Tonino Carotone)
Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream
Charles Aznavour - Lei
Al Bano & Romina Power - Felicita
Renato Carosone - Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano
Max Richter - Departure

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