A man is sitting alone in a hotel room. Suddenly a bride all dressed in white walks in.

Kratos films presents a film by Constantin Pilavios
Artemis Grympla, Mike Kelson "Melancholic Breasts"

Directed by: Constatin Pilavios
Written by: Artemis Grympla
Director of Photography: Julio Cármenes
Edited by: Alex Papathanasopoulos
Produced by: Iris Kandri
Executive Producer: Theodore Michalopoulos
Music by: Gary Salomon
Sound Design by: George Mikrogiannakis

1st Assistant Director: Maria Elena Mitrodima    
1st Assistant Camera: Moritz Omland-Boehringer
Gaffers: Luís Pinhão, Lukas Galantay
Script Supervisor: Leda Contopanagou
Production Coordinator: Christelle Stenvinkel
Sound Recordists: Eugénie Barety,Amadou Barry
Boom Operators: Amadou Barry, Spiros Doukas
Make up by: Isabel Hink
Assistant Editor: Michalis Basias
Title Design by: Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Mixed by: George Mikrogiannakis
Colour by: Sofoklis Bibis

Thanks to Tamara Mikaberidze


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